Policy Briefs

This policy brief is one in an upcoming series on Policy Priorities for Climate, Health, and Equity. Each brief provides information on a policy identified in the U.S. Call to Action on Climate, Health and Equity: A Policy Action Agenda. Health professionals, policymakers, and others can utilize these to learn more about equitable climate and health policies.

  Policy Brief: Renewable Energy Standards

Read this brief to learn about an important nationwide climate policy — renewable energy standards — and the associated climate, health, and equity benefits. Health professionals can play an important role in accelerating the clean energy transition through improved state and federal energy standards.
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Action guide
This action guide provides tangible steps you can take as health professionals to push for new or stronger renewable energy standards in your state and at the federal level. Download Action Guide>

Candidate Resources

These non-partisan resources have been developed to help focus attention on climate, health, and equity when engaging with candidates.

Open Letter to Candidates Open Letter to Candidates

This open letter, for all candidates for elected office and their advisors, will build understanding that because climate change is a health emergency and is increasingly recognized as a health threat by the American public, candidates can address climate change while shielding themselves from partisan crossfire.

Read the full letter here or download pdf. The pdf has been designed so health organizations can add their name and logo (instructions here), then distribute, and publicize.

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Candidate Questions Climate, Health, and Equity – A Dozen Questions Every Candidate Must Answer

Use these questions to ask your candidates what they will do to protect and promote health in the era of climate change.

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  Guidance for Engaging with Candidates

This guide provides information on how best to use resources such as the Candidate Questions, Voter Issue Guides, and other materials in the context of forums and town halls.

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Op-Ed Template

The op-ed template is designed to serve as a guide for your own op-ed writing, with helpful instructions and sample text you can update.

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5 Ways Health Departments Can Help Ensure Healthy Voting

Resource by Human Impact Partners

A healthy democracy is critical for healthy communities, and health departments have a critical role to play to ensure that all communities have a say in the conditions and decisions that impact their lives. Here are five actions health departments can take to ensure healthy voting.

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