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January 2019 

Doctors are frightened by climate change. Their industry is a big part of the problem.
Julia Belluz and Umair Irfam | Vox

August 2018 

Climate change is a health issue.
by Cynthia Mahoney (8/27/18)

June 2018 

Aging Matters | A conversation with Mona Sarfaty MD MPH, Executive Director, Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, about health effects of climate change and the need to raise awareness and find solutions to improve wellness and protect the planet.
Climate change & health — Mona Sarfaty, MD MPH Ex Dir, Med Society Consortium on Climate & Health (6/5/18)

May 2018 

Hindustan Times (5/29/18) Limiting global warming levels can reduce dengue fever cases: If global warming levels can be limited, it can reduce cases of dengue and stop it from spreading to areas where incidence is currently low:

The Record-Eagle  (Traverse City, MI) (5/26/18) Traverse City

CNN (5/8/18)

CBS News (5/2/18)


Fourth Estate (5/1/18)

April 2018

APHA Newsletter (4/20/18)

AAFP in the Trenches Blog (4/17/18)

KevinMD Blog (4/17/18)

 NRDC Blog (4/11/18)

MedPage Today (4/10/18) Climate Change Takes Particular Toll on At-Risk Communities

Pick-up: Health Care Purchasing News (4/16/18)

March 2018

JAMA (3/28/18)

Psychiatrc News (3/13/18) Climate Change Said to be ‘Ultimate Social Determinant of Health’

CNN 3/20/18

Augusta Free Press (3/19/18)

WTSP Channel 10 (Forida) (3/9/18)

February 2018

Central Coast Physicians Winter 2018:

NECOEM Reporter (Spring 2018) (Newsletter of the New England College of Occupational and Environmental Health) the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health Sounds the Alarm on Health Impacts of Climate Change.

The Actuary (2/23/18)

Miami Herald (2/11/18) If you live in Florida, doctors say climate change is already affecting your health.

Pickup E&E News (2/13/18)

Citizens Climate Lobby News (2/18) by Dr. Cynthia Mahoney:

December 2017

AMA Journal of Ethics (12/1/17) SECOND THOUGHTS The Importance of Physician Climate Advocacy in the Face of Political Denial by Andrew Jameton, PhD. Volume 19, Number 12: 1222-1237

The Record Delta (12/17)

November 2017

Public Radio (West Virginia) (11/28/17)

The Register Herald, West Virginia (11/29/17) 

Thrive Global (11/17/17)  (Interview)

October 2017

Billings Gazette, MT (10/26/17)

Scottsbluff Star Herald, NE (10/18/17) Brewer not ‘nice’ for spreading false, misleading information

Health Day (10/11/17)

Gizmodo Earther (10/11/17)

The Inquirer (10/11/17)

CBS News(10/10/17)

Stat Morning Rounds  (10/10/17) Doctors criticize weakening of climate protections

Buzzfeed (10/9/17)

Commondreams (10/9/17)

Twitter (10/9/17) @jacobsoboroff  (@MSNBC correspondent with >150,000 followers) Replying to @jacobsoboroff @ScottPruittOK @docsforclimate: Trump ending plan that would “prevent 3,600 premature deaths, 1,700 heart attacks and 90,000 asthma attacks per year.”

August 2017

Medpagetoday (8/29/17) Broken Glass, Petrochemicals, and Other Harvey Hazards: Healthcare providers in Texas should brace for the expected and the unexpected; interview with Steering Committee member Jerry Paulson;

AMWA Newsletter (8/23/17)

Climate Liability News (8/21/17)

July 2017

CNN (7/31/17)

KPFA Radio (7/3/17) About Health: The Health Effects of Climate Change.  Interview with two Consortium physician advocates.

June 2017

PreventionWeb (Serving the information needs of the disaster reduction community, and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).  The platform receives an average of 80,000 visits per month.

Providence Business Journal (6/19/17)

Billings Gazette (6/18/17)

Palm Beach Post (6/13/17)

Idaho State Journal (6/11/17)

Alternet (6/9/17)

Virginia Energy Blog (6/9/17)

Traverse City Record Eagle (6/9/17)

Two Out of Three Doctors Say Climate Change is Making Us Sick (6/8/17)

Health Central (6/6/17)

Charlotte Observer (6/5/17)

Medscape (6/5/17)

Fresno Bee (6/4/17)

 Scientific American (6/3/17)

MedPageToday (6/2/17)

Fierce Healthcare (6/2/17)

NBC News (6/2/17)

Undark (6/1/17)

AAFP Leader Voices Blog (6/1/17)

May 2017

Bustle 5/31/17)

Public Now (5/31/17)  Mason Expert Explain the Perils of Leaving the Paris Agreement:

The Florida Times Union 5/30/17

Guardian (5/5/17) Medical scientists report on the impact climate change is having on health (The Guardian)

True Viral News (5/1/17)

April 2017

Washington Times (4/26/17):

JAMA (4/18/17):

CNN (4/13/17):

Launch Coverage

Mainstream Media:

USA Today: Climate change is making us sick, top U.S. doctors say: *Includes map infographic 

Pickup: Chicago Sun-Times

CBS News: Doctors join forces, warn climate change is harming our health

Pickup: WDEF News 12, KHOU Texas

NBC News: Climate Change Needs to Be Tackled for Better Health, Medical Groups Urge:

The Huffington Post: Nearly Half A Million U.S. Doctors Warn That Climate Change Is Making Us Sick *Includes map infographic

VOA (Voice of America) News: New Consortium Speaks in Favor of Strict US Fuel-efficiency Standards:

Washington Times:

 International Business Times (Yahoo): Climate Change Impacts: American’s Health Hurt By Global Warming, Doctors Say:      *Includes map infographic   

 New America Media: Doctors: Climate Change is Already Making America’s Kids Sicker:

Truth Out (3/25/17)

Politico: Morning Energy | Doctors Get in Formation Over Climate (5th story, prior to press event)

State and Local Media:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Climate change is making Americans sick, nation’s medical societies warn:

MinnPost (Minneapolis): From bacteria to parasites: Physicians urge action to reduce climate change’s harmful health effects:

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Should your doctor talk with you about climate change?:

 Billings Gazette:

Toronto Globe and Mail: Heat and health: Doctors taking the pulse of the planet on climate change

Pennsylvania Live: Doctors launch campaign to stress harms of climate change

Fresno Bee

New Jersey:

Health and Medicine:

ACP Advocate

AAP News: Medical societies: Climate change harmful to health:

AAFP News:

 April 2017

April 5: AAMC Population Health Connect Newsletter: April 5, 2017: Journal of the American Medical Association. Medical Community Gathers Steam to Tackle Climate’s Health Effects.

March 30.  AAFP Health of the Public News

March ACOG News from ACOG Governmental Affairs. ACOG Helps Launch Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health

AMA Morning Rounds on March 16.

Family Medicine Smart Brief, March 21, 2016: Health Policy and Legislation

MedScape: Medical Societies Come Together on Harms of Climate Change:

MedPage Today:

HealthDay: U.S. Medical Groups Sound the Alarm on Climate Change:

Becker’s Hospital Review: 400k+ physicians warn of effects of climate change on health:

 Stat News: Doctors take on climate change and health:

Phys.Org: Climate change is making people sick: US doctors:

Vocativ: Leading Doctors Warn Of The Scary Health Risks Of Climate Change:

Community Health Magazine: How will climate change affect your health

Experience Life (3/27/17):

Science and Tech:

 Scientific American:

Smithsonian Magazine: Doctors Warn That Climate Change Makes People Sick

Gizmodo: America’s Doctors: Climate Change is Making People Sick: *Includes map infographic

Pickup: Gizmodo Australia

Live Science: Map Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Health Across US *Includes map infographic

Tech Times: Nearly Half a Million US Doctors Could Not Be Wrong: Climate Change Harms Healths:

IFL Science

Romper: Stats On Infectious Disease Rates Now Versus 20 Years Ago Paint A Grim Future:


 NPR Radio, Living on Earth (6 minutes):

March 29: Inside Climate News:  Climate Change Mental Health Impacts

March 20: Inside Climate News: New Doctors’ Group Highlights Climate Change’s Urgent Threat to Health Nationwide

Nature World News: Climate Change Is Making Americans’ Medical Condition Worse, Top US Doctor Says:


NonProfit Quarterly:


Partnership (5/15/17)

The Burness Effect (4/10/17):

Mom’s Clean Air Force (3/17/17):

Consortium Quotes in Other Climate Change Stories

Popular Science (3/21/17)

Nexus Media (3/21/17)

Men’s Health (3/21/17): Could Global Warming Cause Diabetes?

CNN (3/20/17)