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September 28, 2023 | Connecticut


The mission of CHPCA is to be a nonpartisan interdisciplinary alliance of health professionals who recognize that climate change represents a public health emergency of the largest magnitude and believe it is our collective duty as health professionals to take immediate action to keep our planet habitable for all through climate action and other activities to promote environmental health.

Our Goals:

  • EDUCATION. Educate our patients, colleagues, policymakers, and communities about the dangerous health consequences of climate change.
  • HEALTH EQUITY. Promote health and equity co-benefits of climate-friendly choices for everyone.
  • POLICY & ADVOCACY. Engage healthcare professionals in policy and advocacy initiatives at the organizational, municipal, state, and federal levels to avert the worst health impacts of climate change in an equitable manner.
  • JUSTICE. Advance the goals of environmental justice through our education, policy efforts, and partnerships.
  • SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste from our healthcare practices.
  • NETWORKING. Build a network of health professionals to share resources, opportunities, and collaborative efforts.