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 Arlington, Virginia – April 28-29, 2019

Courtyard Arlington Rosslyn
1533 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209


About the Meeting

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health will hold its second annual meeting, Education for Policy Change, in Arlington, Virginia on April 28-29, 2019 at the Courtyard Arlington Rosslyn located at 1533 Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington, VA. The conference will include a Steering Committee meeting, Affiliate meeting, briefings on the health content of the 2018 IPCC report, and presentations and training on a range of solutions including education for promoting policy change. Meeting attendees will be given an opportunity to visit Congress and speak to legislators on the 2nd day.

Launched with nine member societies, the Consortium has grown rapidly and is now comprised of 22 medical societies, including America’s largest and most influential medical societies, representing over half the physicians in America. There are also 29 aligned health and science-based associations that are affiliate members.

The Consortium was launched to start a conversation with the American public and policymakers about the health harms of climate change and the health benefits of climate solutions, and to build support for solutions. This conversation is greatly needed because most Americans are unaware that climate change poses a danger to their health and the health of their loved ones, and learning this information has been shown to help heighten people’s concern about the problem.

Registration for this meeting has not yet opened and is by invitation only. Please contact Karmjot Randhawa if you have any questions regarding this conference at krandhaw@gmu.edu