About Us

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time and has major health and healthcare implications.

Climate change is the greatest public health crisis of the 21st century. As consistently trusted messengers to the public, health professionals have a crucial role to play in raising public awareness of the health threat posed by climate change and catalyzing action. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (Consortium) organizes major medical societies representing over 700,000 physicians and health professionals to carry three simple messages:

    • Climate change is harming Americans today, with people of color and communities living in poverty experiencing greater harm.
    • The way to slow or stop these harms is to decrease the use of fossil fuels and increase energy efficiency and the use of clean energy sources.
    • These changes in energy choices will improve the quality of our air and water and bring immediate health benefits.

    We use those messages across our three strategic priorities to:

    Grow and diversify the climate movement.

    We are working to get stronger faster — in numbers, diversity, and power. We know diversity brings life experience and unique insights that are essential to ensuring the health voice reaches every corner of the country.

    Foster collective action.

    We make sure the health voice is heard when and where it matters. We advocate federally and support our state network’s advocacy in states and local communities. We arm ourselves with up-to-date climate and health information and evidence-based messages that we deliver through the media and face-to-face interactions with decision-makers.

    Promote health and equity in climate policy.

    We dig deep on policy. We generate reports, statements, and guidance to help our societies and our network advance policies that will advance health and equity. From air pollution regulations to building and transportation electrification to an improved food economy, we ensure the proposed policies protect health.

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