August 21 Webinar: Advocacy During an Election Year – Nonpartisan Advocacy in Partisan Times

Election years provide a great opportunity for public charities to highlight issues and interact with candidates and the voting public. However, 501(c)(3)s (nonprofits) cannot support or oppose candidates, and must avoid the appearance or reality of electioneering and other partisan activity, particularly in public and social media communications. This webinar will highlight some common pitfalls and provide suggestions and tips for avoiding them.

Participants will learn:

* How you can continue to advocate for your issues during election years;
* How you can educate the public and candidates about your issues;
* How you can respond to candidate statements;
* How you can ensure civic engagement and get-out-the-vote efforts are conducted legally;
* How you can safely support or oppose ballot measures without being partisan; and
* How staff and volunteers’ partisan activities in their personal time can be kept separate from their activities on behalf of the organization.

Speaker: Ronnie Pawelko, Senior Counsel, Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice / Alliance for Justice Action Campaign

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