A Conversation with Dr. Lisa Patel

Published in CuraLink  | December 2023

Often, medical professionals can fall into a specific mode of thinking and focus primarily on alleviating acute physical or mental symptoms. Dr. Lisa Patel, however, takes a broader perspective: She views her patients within complex frameworks of social and environmental determinants of health. The factor that
trumps others in shaping health and well-being? It may surprise you: climate change.

According to Dr. Patel and decades of mounting evidence, our changing planet and rising carbon emissions jeopardize the global population’s well-being. Dr. Lisa Patel is currently the executive director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health and maintains a clinical practice as a pediatric hospitalist caring for newborns, premature infants and children requiring hospitalization. She has witnessed the dire effects of climate change on hundreds of real patients and offers unparalleled insight into navigating the new era of climate medicine…READ FULL INTERVIEW>


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