Consortium and 58 Health Organizations Call on Biden White House To Limit Fossil Fuels


On Earth Day, the Consortium released a letter to the Biden administration along with 58 health other organizations calling on the Biden Administration to invest in clean energy – not fossil fuels – to ensure energy independence. Our organizations represent hundreds of thousands of physicians, nurses, health and public health professionals and health workers, and hospitals and health care systems. In our work to protect public health, we understand the importance of affordable energy. High energy costs can force families to forgo other health essentials including nutritious food and medical care.

However, responding to high energy prices with actions that benefit the fossil fuel industry will neither help our families nor protect their health. We urge President Biden in the strongest possible terms to stop the expansion of domestic fossil fuel production to protect the health communities, here and abroad, now and for future generations. The letter is open for individual sign-ons until May 1st. We invite you to join the nearly 400 healthcare workers that have already signed on to the letter.