Consortium Statement on the IPCC Report Release

The Sixth Assessment Report released from the IPCC turns up the dial on the urgency to respond to climate change and limit greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide and methane. America’s doctors are already seeing the health toll of climate change due to the unprecedented heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, historically huge and numerous wildfires, supercharged storms that inundate and flood, large-scale droughts, and infections and other threats to the health of our communities across the country.

While we are seeing the results of these health harms in our clinics and practices, we also see that taking action to address climate change improves the health of people in our community, very quickly. Equitable transitions to clean sources of electricity lead to cleaner air and water, while regenerative agriculture leads to healthier food and waterways, active and zero carbon transportation give us healthier commutes, and green infrastructure results in cooler, safer neighborhoods. We’re at a critical turning point. We need more policymakers to support these climate actions because they protect and improve our health, our economy, our air and water, and help safeguard the future for our children and grandchildren.

This report should be another wake up call to our elected leaders to invest in our country and communities in ways that combat climate change, advance equity and improve health. Governments, institutions, and businesses at all levels must accept this report and act without further delay. Every fraction of a degree matters for human health.

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Key findings of AR6 Summary for Policymakers by the World Health Organization (WHO) Climate & Health Program staff.