Consortium Statement on the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health decries the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol on January 6th and we hold accountable the direct participants and all of those, including President Trump, whose provocations incited the mob to lawless desecration of our most sacred civic space, and to injury and death of rioters and police, and a grave threat to legislators, the Vice President, and our democracy.

The Consortium brings together associations representing over 600,000 doctors to advocate for climate solutions that will improve and protect the lives of people in this country and around the world. These solutions can and must work equitably for those who are more vulnerable because of systemic racial discrimination. We do not advocate for addressing climate change based on mere opinion, on an ideology or in our own self-interest. We advocate based on climate science, health science and our experiences providing care for people in our communities. All three demonstrate that climate change is a health emergency and that climate solutions will rapidly benefit the health and prosperity of communities across America.

But no one can advocate successfully in a political and civic environment in which leaders can lie with impunity about what is real and can denigrate with impunity those with whom they disagree.

Let us be clear and specific.

It is a lie to say that Covid-19 is “just a flu” and that simple proven precautions to protect ourselves and each other are an assault on anyone’s rights.

It is a lie to say that climate change is not real, is not a dangerous threat, or is simply a “political hoax”.

It is a lie to say that those who advocate for climate solutions are “socialists” or “communists” who are aiming to “take our country.”

It is a lie to say that there is not systemic racism in exposure to environmental harm and virtually every sphere of public policy.

It is a lie to call journalists the enemy of the people.

It is a lie to say that those who defeat us in an election are illegitimate or those with whom we disagree “hate America”.

It is a lie to say that a free and fair election is rigged or stolen and can produce – after two months – no evidence to convince a single court or election official that it is true.

As we write this, we are fervently hoping that the heinous assault on our Capitol of January 6 is the awful, but culminating event of the Trump presidency. For the sake of our safety, our values and our democracy, that ending should come as soon as possible.

Going forward, we will hold every elected public official or candidate for office accountable to three things upon which our democracy depends: fidelity to the truth, allegiance to our Constitution and respect for human rights and dignity.


This statement has not been individually endorsed by Consortium member organizations.