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May 2, 2024 | State Updates

Healthy Climate New Mexico launched in January of 2023 with a group of six diverse, passionate, and dedicated health professionals committed to bringing the health voice to strengthen the climate movement. As a major oil and gas-producing state and a “sacrifice zone” for harmful environmental damage, New Mexico has a critical role in climate action. Through our advocacy, resource sharing, and a series of informational meetings, our membership has grown to over 100 clinical and public health professionals and students. With the help of a consultant, we developed our vision, mission, and a three-year strategic plan. We are guided by our mission ”to mobilize NM healthcare and public health professionals to advocate for climate solutions that protect health and promote equity.”

During our first year, major milestones include:

  • Establishing our first Board of Directors and Executive Committee representing a variety of health professions including medicine, public health, healthcare administration, social work, and tribal health leadership
  • Receiving three grants
  • Co-leading a policy initiative to establish a state Climate and Health Program and a Public Health and Climate Resilience Fund for local communities
  • Advocating for a state occupational heat standard for all workers
  • Facilitating interagency collaboration on adaptation and hazard mitigation resources with four state agencies: the Department of Health, Environment Department, Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources, and the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Participating in the NM EV Coalition and playing a key role in advocacy for the Advanced Clean Cars II/Advanced Clean Trucks and Low NOx Rules; our Chairperson, Dr. Paul Charlton, provided critical testimony at the hearings and we are thrilled that the Advanced Clean Cars and Trucks rules were adopted on November 16, 2023
  • Supporting healthcare decarbonization efforts at major hospitals in New Mexico
  • Educating our members, health professionals, the public, and legislators about the health impacts of climate change through formal presentations, editorials, and other media

Our goals are ambitious. In 2024, NMHPCA will continue to mobilize the health voice to advocate for solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation, building, and healthcare sectors. Our advocacy will also be focused on initiatives that strengthen adaptation and resilience strategies, especially among our most vulnerable communities, including occupational heat standards and safer practices. We will work towards accelerating the decarbonization of our healthcare institutions and to encourage healthcare and public health programs to include climate change and health in required curricula.