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September 19, 2023 | State Updates

Dr. Megan Malgeri, a family medicine physician, from Milton VT spoke at the state’s largest Climate Strike rally on September 20th. Speaking before several thousand people, Dr. Malgeri echoed the words of Greta Thunberg as she called on Vermonters to start pushing the state’s lawmakers. While many think of Vermont as a leader in the fight against climate change, the reality is that the state’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 16% since 1990. Dr. Malgeri focused on the impacts of climate change on health as she pointed out straightforward and quick steps that Vermonters can take to change the conversation. (You can read an op-ed by Dr. Malgeri here: Join Children in Demanding Climate Change Action). With that speech as a launching point, VTCHA has been very active in pushing Vermonters to contact top lawmakers. For example, check out

On Oct 9th, Karen McKenny (cardiology nurse/educator) participated in a panel discussion at Castleton University with Bill McKibben, State Representative Robin Chestnut Tangerman, and Beatrice Parwatikar (NAACP). The panel focused on the intersections of climate change, public health, communities of color, and public policy. The panel was pleased to take many questions from the audience of students and community members.

VTCHA member Dr. David Rand was one of the speakers at a press conference on Tuesday, January 14, announcing the 2020 VT Climate Action Plan ( The plan was endorsed by a very broad coalition of more than 30 organizations. It’s not the final answer, but it’s a great start on what we need to do to finally start tackling this problem in a way that will protect the most vulnerable Vermonters, create jobs, and ensure we leave a healthy planet for future generations.

As David said during the event, “the time for inaction and trying to protect the status quo is over.” Join us in speaking up! (