Meet Our Team

Lisa Patel, MD, MESc, FAAP

Executive Director

Dr. Lisa Patel is the Executive Director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford School of Medicine. She is a former Presidential Management Fellow for the Environmental Protection Agency where she coordinated the US Government’s efforts on clean air and safe drinking water projects in South Asia in collaboration with the World Health Organization and received the Trudy A. Specinar Award for her work. She is a member of the Executive Committee for the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health and Climate Change and a faculty mentor for Stanford Climate and Health. As a mentor, she works with students and residents on projects related to climate-resilient schools, environmental justice, sustainable healthcare, and medical education curriculum reform. She maintains her clinical practice as a pediatric hospitalist caring for premature infants, attending deliveries, and caring for hospitalized children. Lisa received her Master’s in Environmental Sciences from the Yale School of the Environment, her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and completed her training in pediatrics at UCSF.