The Racial Trauma of Climate Change

August 13, 2021 | Dr. Annelle Primm

As many of you know, historical displacement, disenfranchisement, and exploitation have put many communities of color in the direct path of the climate crisis. Climate change magnifies the underlying stressors of racism and poverty — both of which have documented, acute physical and mental health impacts. This unique form of trauma is called racial trauma. When climate disaster strikes, the mental health consequences on top of racial trauma are often more severe. Dr. Annelle Primm addresses these aspects and more. Dr. Primm chairs All Healers Mental Health Alliance, a group of mental health professionals, faith leaders, first responders, and public health advocates, that facilitate culturally aligned responses to the mental health needs of marginalized communities that have been affected by natural and human-caused disasters. Dr. Primm was formerly Director of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Community Psychiatry Program, followed by leadership roles at the American Psychiatric Association.