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Disaster Relief: How to
Build Healthcare Resilience
by Dr. Caitlin Rublee

Health Insurance Companies & Fossil Fuels: A Divestment Campaign for Climate, Health & Equity by Dr. Ashley McClure


Heat, Climate Change,
& Dermatology
by Dr. Mary L. Williams

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Ophthalmology & Waste from the OR
by Dr. Cassandra Thiel

Surgical Waste in Ophthalmology
by Dr. David Chang

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Air Quality Climate Change and Transportation

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Air Quality, Climate Change, & Transportation by Dr. Neelu Tummala

Transportation, Pollution Burdens & Health by Paulina Muratore

Federal Transportation Policy: Climate, Health & Equity by Scott Goldstein

COVID-19 Climate Change and Equity


Climate Change, COVID-19, & African American Mortality by Dr. Doris Browne

COVID-19, Climate Change, Equity & Justice by Dr. Kimberly Gordon-Achebe

Preventing Heat Illness in Practice

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Climate Change, Heat Stress, and Worker Health by Dr. Ronda McCarthy

Worker Heat Protection VA Legislation Updates by Dr. Bob Kitchen

Climate Change and Pregnancy Cimate Change and Mental Health


The Climate Crisis and Pregnancy by Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola and Dr. Bruce Bekkar

The Climate Crisis and Mental Health by Dr. David Pollack

Powerpoint Presentations

Clean Energy Means Cleaner Air

What a Changing Climate Means for Children’s Health

Climate Change & Health Talking Points

Extreme Heat: The Health Effects of Climate Change

Climate Changes Allergies and Asthma

Mental Health and Climate Change

Mental Health and Climate Change

Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Lung Health

Air Pollution and Climate Change

Climate Change & Air Pollution

Climate Change and Waterborne Disease

Climate Change & Waterborne Diseases

Communicating effectively as a health professional

Global Pollen Trends

Impacts of Climate Change on Women’s Health


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides immediate access to a cross-section of environmental data for any geographical location in the U.S. Access useful information about your air, water, energy choices, and ways to lessen the impacts of climate change at MyEnvironment.

Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2019

These maps show how Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the state, congressional district, metro area, and county levels.


gmu_riskfactors-03 gmu_riskfactors-06gmu_riskfactors-05 gmu_riskfactors-04  gmu_riskfactors-08 gmu_riskfactors-07  gmu_riskfactors-01 gmu_riskfactors-02